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Known bugs in 2.25

[and available workarounds]

PSI conducted extensive testing of DHIS2 2.25 prior to the upgrade. Although the main bugs we identified have been fixed by the DHIS2 developers in Oslo, some bugs are still being worked on, and you will need to take these into account when designing changes to your country’s DHIS2 configurations.
Within each bug’s description is a link to the DHIS2 ticket for this bug – you can check whether the bug has been fixed by clicking on the link, and checking the ‘Status’ of the bug.
Bugs that affect general users
You can ‘complete’ a Data Entry form even when compulsory fields haven’t been captured; the ‘compulsory’ settings for Datasets are not enforced (DHIS2-1362).
No known workaround to prevent this.
You can capture a Data Entry form for an Org Unit during a period when it is closed – the Org Unit’s opening and closing dates are not enforced (DHIS2-1344).
No known workaround to prevent this.
Users with ‘view only’ permissions to Dashboards can re-arrange or delete items in the Dashboard, and these changes become permanent (DHIS2-500).
Workaround: take a backup (eg XML or JSON export) of the dashboard and its items, and re-import it if the dashboard layout is accidentally changed by a user.
Periods in charts/tables appear out-of-order if you include more than one period type in a report: for example, if you tick both ‘this month’ and ‘previous 12 months’, or if you add a mixture of both relative and fixed periods (DHIS2-1357).
Workarounds: when creating favourites, avoid selecting more than one period type; alternatively, use just fixed periods to select exactly the periods you want, and update these each month.
The Tracker Capture enrolment screen doesn’t always load properly the first time you register an entity/patient: the ‘Profile’ section may fail to load (DHIS2-1197).
Workaround: refresh your browser, and the full screen should appear.
Minor translation issues: there are a few places where aspects of the DHIS2 user interface are not properly translated (DHIS2-717, DHIS2-1127, DHIS2-1131, DHIS2-1025, DHIS2-573, DHIS2-1265).
Bugs that affect country admins
It is possible to create Options without codes: this will then break data-entry screens – you will be able to see the options in a drop-down, but not select them (DHIS2-1266).
Workaround: ensure you include codes when configuring Option Sets and Options.
In Programs, the ‘block entry form after completed’ option doesn’t have any effect – even when ‘complete’, data can still be edited (ANDRODHIS2-260).
No known workaround.
The Reporting Rates screen in the Report app doesn’t take into account Org Unit opening/closing dates or Dataset Attribute Category Combinations , and incorrectly aggregates weekly reporting rates when shown by month: this can result in understating reporting rates where Org Units are closed, and overstating reporting rates where data is captured for multiple CatCombos (DHIS2-1236, DHIS2-1425).
Workaround: avoid using the Reporting Rate Summary screen, and instead use the ‘Data sets: Reporting rates’ feature in Pivot Tables/Charts (see next item).
The Dataset: Reporting Rates feature in Pivot Tables/Charts is only correct when the data collection Org Units themselves are selected in the report ; if the report is generated for Org Units at higher levels than the data was actually collected, mis-aggregation of opening/closing dates can mean reporting rates are understated. Reporting Rates cannot be generated in Pivot Tables for Datasets that include CatCombos (they will appear blank).
Workaround: only generate Reporting Rates reports for the Org Units that collect data, not higher-level Org Units such as regions (no workaround for Datasets with CatCombos.)
The Usage Analytics app is often freezing: this is likely due to the huge amount of data in PSI’s DHIS2 server – we will continue looking into this, and keep you updated.
No known workaround.
Embedding program indicators in Event Capture screens is not working. (The same program indicators still work well in reports, charts and maps.)
No known workaround – we hope to correct this bug in the coming weeks.
Android bugs
Deleting an event in web Event Capture does not, after synchronization, delete the event in Android Event Capture (ANDRODHIS2-215).
Workaround: log out and in again, which should reload the events.
The Event Capture Android app does not properly handle ‘percentage’ data elements (ANDRODHIS2-180).
Workaround: use integer instead of percentage data elements in Event Capture programs.
The Data Capture Android app does not enforce ‘open future periods’ restrictions; it lets users collect data, but then doesn’t save it (ANDRODHIS2-77).
Workaround: since data that breaches restrictions is not saved, this is just a training issue.
For Datasets without sections, fields appear in a different order on the web and on Android (ANDRODHIS2-258).
Workaround: if the Android app will be used to collect data for a Data Set, use sections to structure data entry.

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