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Help Desk | Protocol

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  • Definition(s)
  • Operation Hours
  • Protocol

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Definitions Country 1: Name of the country configuration relevant to the report Ticket Type 1:

  • DHIS Error/Bug
  • Task (new conf)
  • Configuration Problem
  • Other

PSI Charge Code 1: used only in ticket of type ‘Task’ – PSI billing code for invoicing. M&E Reg Advisor 2:
PSI’s M&E/ MIS advisor responsible for the DHIS implementation in a country Technical Lead 2: name of the PSI
consultant responsible for the configuration
1 Metadata for tickets
2 Persons that will be in CC of a ticket as needed
Operation Hours (TBC)

From To Notes
East Coast US (EST) 00:00 18:00
Oslo (CET) 06:00 00:00
East Africa (EAT) 08:00 02:00
Bangkok (ICT) 12:00 06:00


  • Within 1 hour (during operation hours)
    • Ticket must be assigned to an agent
    • Metadata must be assigned: Country, and Language and Ticket
    • Based on country, M&E Advisor, Technical Lead are added to the cc
  • Within 2 hours (during operation hours)
    • Problem must be confirmed as reproducible, or further information must
      be requested to the user

      • Screenshot
      • Video (BAO to provide instructions about how to do video grabbing)
  • 3 splits:
    • 1. DHIS Bug:
      • BAO to report to UiO via launchpad, bug reporting
      • Hyperlink to launchpad bug report to be added to ticket
      • BAO to follow up the ticket. Once fix is available, coordinate deployment
        to staging for testing
      • Once test is passed in staging, follow up update to production
      • Once production is update, test, and communicate result to client
    • 2. Request can be addressed by BAO agent
      • Resolve issue and informe the user
    • 3. Escalate the ticket to PSI agent
      • Involve responsible party at PSI, but continue being the owner of
        the ticket (you are responsible for its completion)
      • Assign Ticket to PSI agent – the issue is outside the scope of the
        contract with BAO